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I will search for His power early. I will seek Him first.

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I will inquire of Him and find out what He thinks. So much God is about to do in your life. So many times you are going to say I was just thinking about that and God did it. So much favor you will have with man.

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There is so much God is setting you on fire for. He is going to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what you can ask or think, according to the power, His Spirit, that is at work in you. Prayer: Father, thank You! I am so excited about what You are about to do, even doing right now in my life. You are going to do far beyond my wildest dreams.

You are going to blow my mind. Help me to listen, and with courage, obey the leading of Your Spirit. All night some of the disciples had been pursuing to make a catch and nothing worked.

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When they did what the Lord said, then they reaped abundant success. There have been times where I just came to the end of myself. I came to an end of my doing it my way, leaning on what I think will work and the direction I think seems best, continuing to find myself not reaping in life. Only when I did what the Lord said, is when the plan and blessings of God unfolded for me. There are great blessings in store for you.

Your fulfillment is at the door. Your increase is at the door.

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Save your efforts and do it your way no more. Surrender your plans for His. Let this be the year you go to the other side, and you will find every single blessing unfold before you. Prayer: Father, I have come to the end of myself. I decide to do it Your way. Help me to have faith in Your plan, Your ability and I thank You for every single blessing unfolding before me. This is the place of indecision. It is the place we wrestle between two opinions.

Israel had the same dilemma, as they made their exodus from Egyptian slavery into the promise land Exodus They faced a life-changing moment of decision at the Red Sea. We all will have our own Red Sea. At this moment, God instructs Moses to use the rod in his hand He had already given him to split the Red Sea. In essence, God was telling Moses the way is already made. Yet, God says go forward and then you will see what I have done. The thoughts of wondering of how will God help you, how will they respond, are you good enough, how will you get the resources, will it work, and you have no clue what I am doing will surely come.

Today I say yes, I will go forward! Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! God is in control and on the throne. He takes care of all of His children, even at the right time. In His timing, He always will bring the best out of a situation, the best out of you and the greatest blessing to you.

He is perfect in regarding the work He performs in us. I would have given up, except that I knew that He was good. Just know that He is forming Christ in you, and in time, you will understand. Therefore, wait on the Lord! This means to have an expectation of Him. Expect Him to do what He said He will do.

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Expect Him to keep His covenant. He is a good God. So take courage, and through it all, wait on the Lord! Prayer: Father, you are good! Something awesome will come out of this, even more of Jesus formed in me. I will not faint now because I believe You are a good! I will expect to receive Your best. I choose to take courage and wait on You. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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There is a way. There is the truth. There is life. Jesus is all three of them. All of them are found only in him. He is the Word of God that walked among us, the Truth and any other or evil spirit, is a lie. What Jesus says is true and what he says about you is true. If you are looking for life, he will bring life to your marriage, life to your days, and gives eternal life.

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He has peace because he is the Prince of Peace. He is your Wisdom and He is your Righteousness. You have found the Way and he wants you to continue walk in it. Prayer: Father, I give You praise. You are the truth and the life.

It gets tough sometimes, but help me to continue to walk with you. Without fail my end will always be life and life more abundantly because I live for you. This is the same submission Jesus walked in when he was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. If you want the devil out of an area of your life, if you want peace, submit to God first.

Yield to what He says is just and right. Esteem His will above your own in that area. Then, God will supply grace to resist the devil and he will flee. Where there is no devil, there is all of God, and all of the blessings, soul prosperity and honor He desires for your life. Prayer: Father, thank You for Your truth about the power of submission. I humble myself and I ask you to make me a more submitted man. I decide to submit this area to You, and I say let Your will be done in me. Now I resist the devil and he must flee because of the mighty Christ in me.

There is a law of gravity always at work in the earth. There is a law, the law of the Spirit of life that supersedes and is much stronger then the law of sin and death, and you are free from it. When you add your faith and move with Him, you will see that you are an eagle and you can fly. Refuse to remain on the runway of life, when you know God has more for your life. You may have never flown, but you are about to.

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Prayer: Father, thank You for lifting me up with Your word. I am free to be who You created me to be, and You are with me. Help me to do my part and by faith move with Your Spirit. Jesus had to walk on this earth sinless to be the perfect sacrifice. He had to be blameless and He did it. The same fight you have each day, he fought them all and won them all.

He knows and He cares about the sin you daily face. He also knows how to overcome it. If you are struggling, you can do it through him. He can and will be your champion. Confession: Jesus was tempted at all points and did not sin. He is my Lord and King. He is my champion. He will show me and help me do the same.