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It is a low sodium food and is easy to digest. Welcome to Success With Ketosis.

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Author Bio. Ray Rauch. Recent Posts. April 11, No Comments. Free Keto Recipes Weekly Reviews of handy gadgets and tools to make kitchen life easier All tested personally by me and my family. Instead of wearing a white tank and denim short-shorts, I was strutting into a newsroom in a shift dress and water bottles of Master Cleanse.

The first day was relatively easy. I normally eat a light breakfast anyway so I wasn't that hungry. Honestly, I probably drank half the servings I should have—the lemon and maple concoction kept me relatively full. Day 2: Now if you have a voracious appetite, you'll be starving by now. When I woke, I was hungry , but already, I noticed the size difference in my tummy—it was slightly flatter. That is, until I drank two 8-ounce glasses of juice in five minutes.

Then, it was bloat central.

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The thing about juicing that no one ever tells you is that you'll constantly need to go to the bathroom, which is especially annoying for an equally busy and lazy girl like me. Day 3: By the third day, I developed a superpower I'd be content one minute and then the next, the fine aroma of toasted bread wafting from the office kitchen had me dazed then ravenous.

I could smell food from the corner office situated on the entire opposite side or the floor. While my co-workers couldn't smell a thing, I had to stop breathing through my nose. Even just a small whiff of tuna, tomato soup or other lunchtime marvels had me desperately wanting food, only to be met with unsatisfying diet juice.

Day 5: Not going to lie, I felt a little fragile. I felt like I was exerting more energy just to keep my body up. I went to sleep earlier and woke up much later than usual. I wouldn't recommend anyone exercising while on this cleanse.

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I kept a protein bar in my bag just in case. I never needed it; but, it was reassuring to have sustenance nearby just in case.

100% SUCCESS -- 7 DAY Super Natural Weight Loss Remedy -- No Strict Diet No Workout!

Day 6: Let's go through the list so far: Hunger? Full bladder? Low energy? Stiff hands? Oh, did I mention my teeth started feeling extra sensitive? Maybe it was the acidity of the lemons, but I felt like they, too, were taking a beating. Day 7: Victory! I'm going to be honest—I didn't wait until the day was over to eat. I did start slow, however, with the recommended soups and light fare, as to not overwhelm my digestive system. I noticed a small change in appearance—I even felt a little lighter.

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But friends and family who hadn't seen me for the week instantly noticed a difference. Apparently, my cheeks were smaller, my collarbones were more distinct and, indeed, my waist looked slimmer. It worked! I never doubted you, Bey. In total, I must've lost eight or nine pounds in a week—I'm I mean , for reference. If you're looking for long-term results, you're better off hitting the gym.

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