FISH ON! The Adventures of River Jim

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Fish on!! Battling those fat feisty Lake Trout can be a lot of fun aye.

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It's a hook and cook adventure with our chef, Big Jim, preparing your just caught trout ala minute. The littler ones I like to fry up in a bit of butter and onions while the fatter ones I prefer to fillet, just a bit of seasoning and into the hot olive oil sizzling they go.


MMM I dream about those freshly fried fish the night before as they are so delicious. We have C.

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Kamik ice fishing boots sizes and spare snow pants and jackets for your use if required. Let's go fishing!! Banff Fly Fishing Guides: Let's go fly fishing!!!

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Banff Ice Fishing Guides: Let's go ice fishing! First, the tire disintegrated and then the wheel itself ground down to the lug nuts. With must have looked like a rocket roaring down Highway 34 with all the sparks that had to have been flying. One of my most shocking incidents occurred when I was driving down a rough gravel road to put my jon boat in Cocodrie Bayou near Acme. I glanced into the rearview mirror just in time to see my Mercury motor fall off the back of the boat.

It looked like a cluster bomb had been dropped when the motor shattered into a jillion pieces and kicked up dust and gravel as they ricocheted down the road.


Inspecting the transom, I found the motor clamps were still tight on the boat. Apparently, a hairline fracture had developed right above the clamps and the motor just broke off. All I could do was pick up the pieces and drive back home.

Another boat towing incident fortunately ended only in embarrassment. Once again I was pulling my jon boat with a new Mercury motor and stopped at a Wal-Mart for some tackle.

When I cut sharply to enter the road, the boat trailer jumped the curb and tipped over into the middle of the street. Rods, gas tank, tackle box, boat seats, paddle—everything went flying across four lanes of traffic. I screeched to a halt and rushed back to check on things, more worried about the motor than anything else. The motor was fine and still firmly attached to the boat, which was still tied down to the trailer, but they were lying on their sides in the middle of the road. As people came to a stop and leaned on their horns, a Good Samaritan helped me right the trailer and collect my gear.

Trailer Trouble

Now that the fishing season is starting, remember that such accidents can happen in an instant and be careful out there. Terry L. Jones is professor emeritus of history at the University of Louisiana at Monroe who has received numerous awards for his books and outdoor articles.