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I said that if Looting were left alone then I would play a Looting deck and I see zero reason to deviate from that.

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In fact, the Izzet Phoenix decks have improved and condensed dramatically since I wrote that article, making it the clear choice for me based not only on the numbers, but also my playstyle preference. All are solid choices in the abstract, but Izzet plays to my strengths. Izzet Phoenix was already a Tier 1 strategy before War of the Spark and Modern Horizons dumped a bunch of new staples into the format. While Hogaak ran away with the show, now that Bridge is banned the playing field has been leveled. Specifically, the addition of Aria of Flame gives the deck a new and unique angle of attack and allows it to function more like a combo deck than a beatdown deck.

Not bad. Finale of Promise is a big game with Aria of Flame since casting it is always the equivalent of casting three spells.

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The deck was already elite. It has gained several significant printings that improve and increase power, consistency, and flexibility. The stock list is surprisingly tuned for the current metagame. I believe the flex slots in Aria Phoenix are limited: 2 Lands, 4 main deck spells, and five sideboard cards.

The heavy lifting has been done by MTGO and tournament players already. Welcome to the world of Tier 1 Modern decks. Most of the tension revolves around a new printing:. I want to preserve my life total a little bit more, and another fetch puts a card into the graveyard to delve away, and it finds basic Island in Blood Moon matchups I play Blood Moon.

On the other hand, some lists play up to 2 Fiery Islets! How much life are you willing to trade for the option to draw a card later? It felt fantastic then, and the deck has gotten more red since with the addition of Finale of Promise. The package is another busted combo jammed into the deck.

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The package basically replaces Snapcaster Mage and Crackling Drake. The other flex slot in the main deck is Flame Slash. I find the card to be extremely important against a lot of match ups and a great way to bring back Phoenix a turn faster in a pinch. The core sideboard cards played in successful lists are extremely consistent, which is good to know if you are playing against Phoenix! Anger of the Gods.

Blood Moon. Force of Negation. When struck by fire, the taming bar will increase minutely.

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It takes a long time, and If the process is not completed before the Heat Wave ends the Phoenix will disintegrate into a pile of ashes. The Phoenix will spawn from the same ash pile at the start of the next Heat Wave. It should be noted that if a Phoenix can be found while outside a Heat Wave, it cannot be tamed by blowing fire on it.

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Phoenixes will spawn above their ash heaps at the start of the next heatwave. It is possible to catch them in a cage to ease taming if you can find an ash heap or track a living Phoenix to the end of a previous Heat Wave event. The cage should be at least 5 walls high because they spawn above their ashes, not in them. The Phoenix can fly through any opening except a single doorway. Also, it appears that once a Player hits a Phoenix with fire the taming progress does not regress, damage does not undo the progress, and Phoenixes do not lose any levels as a result of damage taken while taming.

It will lose taming effectiveness when waiting too long between "hits" with fire. Additionally it seems that no one else can finish the tame except the tribe that started it. Once tamed, the Phoenix will eat only Sulfur. In patches previous to You were able to tame the Phoenix out side the heatwave by torching its ashes. As of patch the devs confirmed that the Phoenix can no longer be tamed outside of a heatwave. For information pertaining specifically to the real-world Phoenix, see the relevant Wikipedia article. Original concept art by Dave Melvin [7].

Sign In. Jump to: navigation , search. Dossier Phoenix. These values may differ with what you see in-game or written elsewhere. But that is what the dossier says. Fantasy Creatures. Flame Eater.

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Release Versions. Not Yet Released. Scorched Earth. Yes 2. Torpor Immune. Taming Method. No Saddle Needed. Rider Weaponry. Humans Can Carry. XP For Kill. Special Loot Chance. Feces Size.

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Silica Pearls. Drag Weight. Radiation Immune. Can Damage. Thatch Greenhouse Wood.

For a comparison of the stats of all creatures, see Base Creature Statistics. For an explanation of exactly how the levelup calculation works, see Creature Stats Calculation. Italics denote creatures that have not yet been released! See also Gallery of Dossiers. Categories : Pages using DynamicPageList parser function Scorched Earth DLC exclusives Platform exclusives Unavailable on Mobile Unavailable on Switch Fantasy creatures Flame eaters Elusive creatures Creatures released in v Creatures released in Creatures released in v Creatures released in v Tameable creatures Rideable creatures Rideable flying creatures Unbreedable creatures Creatures that are immune to torpor Creatures that can be ridden without saddles Creatures that drop silica pearls Creatures.

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