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The scientists then analysed the results to identify if there was an association between perceived tastes of the solutions provided and brain volume.

Can't stomach milk? Blame your ancestors Why can some people indulge in the deliciousness of fresh milk, while a cup full of the white liquid will send others running into the toilet? According to the experts, the answer is in your DNA. The entorhinal cortex is a section of the brain considered the hub in a widespread network for navigation and the perception of time.

Although this study provides the first evidence that, even in healthy people, variation in brain structure is associated with taste intensity ratings, further research into this specific topic is needed to understand more about brain volume and taste perception.

Signout Sign in Create an account. Paul Hollywood. Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid. The size of your brain doesn't just predict your IQ. According to a new Australian study, people with a bigger section of their brain will find the taste of grapefruits, tonic water and other bitter foods or drinks less intense.

How to bite the goodness of bitter Brussel sprouts - The Economic Times

By Yasmin Noone. A new study reveals how genetic differences explain whether you perceive alcohol, coffee or tea to taste bitter.

Why can some people indulge in the deliciousness of fresh milk, while a cup full of the white liquid will send others running into the toilet? Using science to our advantage - a tour through the history of food preservation.

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